Jason Gutierrez

Independent Photography Photographer JasonJason’s shooting style is best seen through his street photography. Fond of walking through downtown without a specific assignment, he attempts to capture life as it is, in its most beautiful state. He gears towards the candid, feeling that it portrays a more accurate sense of our world. This contrary to the training he received at USC cinema school, where he was taught to direct the action. Over the years he has been able to translate these two approaches while focusing more on portraiture and professional wedding photography. He still watches for the quiet moments that often go on to be the most memorable, but he also always ready to jump in and help with wedding formals as well. Jason is in love with all things that have to do with art, so he is always more than eager to help create it with new people. He feels that there so many wonderful moments that pass through our day, ready to be captured at just the right time.